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Body-kun + Body-chan DX Set ( 2in1 Deals )

The more clarity your art and drawing figures carries, the more incredible it will turn out. Besides, focusing on minor details can take time.

Trying to bring life to your imaginations?

No worries because the body-kun dolls are here to sort out all the problems.

  • Their powerful body blended with flexible joints can turn into any shape in no time.
  • You can even leave them in place, and they will remain just as you shaped them.
  • Not only will your skills be improved, but also it will help you to gain a firm grip on the advanced level of drawings.  

Trying to expand your creativity?  

While using these bodykun drawing figures, you will develop a better understanding of the human body, and that, in exchange, would polish your skills and crafts.

You can look for shadows, the tension in the muscles, the curves on their legs, each and everything is highly visible from the naked eye, in contrast with digital pictures that cannot do the same.

Also, in comparison with traditional wooden references, body-kun figures come with 30 articulation points. It gives you the feasibility to form an endless amount of poses, which is an impossible task in wooden figures.

For professional artists, and those who passionately love art, this Body kun drawing figure is an excellent way of focusing on the right thing.

No matter on what level you are, beginner, intermediate, or expert, you can furnish your creativity with these artist figures.

Since the size matters, they are not very large in size, nor will you find them extremely tiny to draw. Instead, the volume in which they come fully satisfies the imagination.

You can practice wherever you want, as well as whenever you want as the reference figures, can be reshaped again and again. They bend easily, don't get damaged, and thus are better than both traditional and digital references, which renders them perfect.

Why body kun dx figures?

It is strong, durable, flexible, and comes with 23 extra hands and a lot of accessories such as a shield, sword ,arms crossed, plate/cups, etc....

The prominent functioning of the body-kun figures will shape your illustrations and drawing skills excellently.

These drawing figures are flexible enough to be formed in any position and don't break even in complicated poses.

Not only this but features such as high quality, durable material, with perfect accuracy, will leave you completely satisfied!

3 Different Color DX Sets and a Special 2 In 1 Bundle Offer

What You Will Get: 

  • Body kun figure Grey, black or Light Complexion (with the display stand with all accessories) 
  • Body chan figure Grey, black or Light Complexion (with the display stand with all accessories)