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Kun + Chan - Takarai Rihito

The finest precision determines the finest art, and that is why body-kun and body-chan are acknowledged all across the globe for its finest quality reference figures.

They are made with premium quality material, and each detail is marked with full delicacy.

Not to forget, these figures are worth giving a try, as they confidently break the chains of past with their capability of being formed into unlimited positions without getting damaged.

The Internet is the largest place to look at various images and draw them, but still, when it comes to the finest details, artists find themselves in a complicated situation where they want to draw but are unable to.

Trying to bring life to your imaginations?

Trying to expand your creativity?  

Don't be troubled body-kun figures come with a vast range of accessories, which

  1. helps artists to shape their imagination
  2. carefully transmits that image onto the paper. With a perfect figure right before your eyes, you will be able to capture each and every minor detail, and thus these drawing figures will help you achieve your aim easily.

With this body-kun Takarai Rihito, you will also receive an additional 23 hands to shape as many positions as you can. Other than that, you will get lots of different accessories to take your imagination level at the peak.

The features are incredibly realistic, and you can sketch amazing stories. If you are a beginner, this one is perfect for you as you can practice, practice, and practice lots of postures, without getting distracted or running out of positions.

You can make stories, draw figures while having both practice and fun at the same time.


Human drawing requires lots of practice, and since you cannot rely on only one posture to enhance your creativity, the male Takarai Rihito figure and female abuki Kentarou figure is just for you.

It is strong, durable, flexible, and comes with 23 extra hands and a lot of accessories such as a shield, sword ,arms crossed, plate/cups, etc....

Think of how many positions you would be able to make with this reference figure! Not only that, but the other accessories make it hard to resist, too, as they will turn your imagination into reality! 

Also Get Our Special 2 In 1 Bundle Offer

What You Will Get: 

  • Body kun Takarai Rihito figure Grey or Light Complexion (with the display stand with all accessories) 
  • Body chan Yabuki Kentarou figure Grey or Light Complexion (with the display stand with all accessories)