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Body-kun + Body-chan World Tour Limited Edition Figures

Are you tired of finding references for your next big project?

Or are you just a beginner into the realm of art and want to start with something extremely enthusiastic and professional?

You are at the perfect spot as these drawing figures are designed just for you! It comes with two reference figures; one is the body-kun and the other body-chan.

When it comes to body kun figures,the quality is exceptional, and so is the case with body chan figures.

  • With these premium drawing figure models, sketching is just a piece of cake, as both men's and women's depictions can be done in the best artistic way.
  • You will also get plenty of other things, including a set of 17 extra hands and other accessories.
  • Everything is so realistic that the drawing of minor details becomes so easy.
  • With these authentic original bandai body-kun world tour,you can draw your male character, while the female one will be sketched excellently with the body-chan would tour.

If you talk about quality, the articulations are even more improved in this set, and both drawing figures can be easily formed with each other.

The precision are also more enhanced, which in exchange will polish your artistic production.

You can play with the angles, lighting, shadows, adjust everything as you desire, and that's it!

In the next step, all you have to do is to start sketching and make a masterpiece.

They will also save your time and help you not to get distracted and confused as they are made with high-quality material, which is strong and durable enough to stay in position as long as it takes you to finish your creation.


It is about how creative you are, if you are provided with the finest detailing figure, your grip in your area of expertise will be enhanced to a professional level. In this set, you will get not just one but two drawing figures that are enough to practice and turn yourself into a proficient artist!

    Also in this limited offer you'll get:

    • 1 World Tour Body-kun
    • 1 World Tour Body-chan
    • 1 World Tour Display Stand